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Stroke Care Experts Available 24/7

As medical providers, we know that every second counts when a patient is suffering from a stroke. Receiving treatment from an experienced stroke specialist within the first hour of the event can make a significant difference in the ultimate outcome. With Blue Sky Telehealth, even remote and rural hospitals can have 24/7 access to a skilled stroke care professional.

Our average response time for calls is three minutes. Thanks to redundant staffing policies, we always have medical professionals available to provide patients at partnered facilities with the care and attention they need. Together, we can save lives and minimize the long-term effects of strokes.

The Golden Hour

Treating a stroke in the first hour symptoms occur significantly improves the patient’s chances of survival and making a full recovery. For this reason, this hour is referred to as “the golden hour”. This is why it is important for all hospitals to have a dedicated stroke care program in place. Patients already lose valuable time getting to the hospital—once they arrive it is of the utmost importance that a stroke care professional can attend to them right away.

Signs that a patient needs treatment from a stroke care specialist:

  • Paralysis on one side of the face
  • Face drooping—difficulty smiling or an uneven smile
  • Arm weakness and difficulty raising one arm up
  • Slurred or incomprehensible speech
  • Involuntary eye movements
  • Dizziness and difficulty walking

Knowing how to identify a stroke and begin immediate treatment are key to obtaining the best possible outcomes. In many cases, administering clot-busting drugs to the affected area as quickly as possible is the best treatment strategy. However, depending on the determined cause and symptoms of the stroke, treatment can take many different forms.

Make sure your hospital is prepared to give your patients the best possible stroke care in a timely manner. Contact Blue Sky Telehealth to discuss a creating a customized telestroke program in your facility.