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Telehealth Antimicrobial Stewardship

A Remote Resource for Infectious Disease Treatment

New strains of bacteria have proven to be resistant to the standard line of antibiotics typically prescribed to treat infectious diseases. In response, the CMS and the Joint Commission are now requiring hospitals, LTACs, and skilled nursing facilities to have an antimicrobial stewardship program in place.

For hospitals in remote or rural areas, implementing and staffing a program like this can be extremely costly. With Blue Sky Telehealth, you can save costs and incorporate an effective antimicrobial stewardship program that meets national health organization requirements in a cost-effective manner. Our telehealth infectious disease program offers a stewardship service that can work with your staff remotely.

What is an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program?

This program is focused on reducing infectious disease resistance to antibiotics and improving patient outcomes. Infectious disease specialists are taking a new approach to antibiotic prescription. A major reason bacteria have grown resistant to these drugs is because they are commonly overused. With our telehealth stewardship program, you will have 24/7 access to infectious disease specialists who can help your patients make efficient and conservative use of antibiotics.

The goals of the antimicrobial stewardship program are to:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce bacterial resistance to antibiotics
  • Limit the spread of infectious disease from drug-resistant organisms
  • Eliminate over-prescription of antibiotics

Our experienced team includes infection preventionists, pharmacists, and supervising infectious disease physicians. We help hospitals comply with all CMS and Joint Commission requirements so they can maintain affiliation and certifications with these institutions. Best of all, this program will help your patients fight off infectious diseases and reduce the risk of a drug-resistant disease epidemic in your community.

To learn more about our telehealth antimicrobial stewardship program, call (303) 900-4258 or contact us online today.