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Hospital Medicine Telehealth

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Blue Sky Telehealth offers a wide range of coverage options for telehealth hospitalist programs. When a hospital group or clinic is not equipped to meet a patient’s needs or demands at-once, our telehospitalist programs can rapidly overcome the challenge by providing remote assistance with all stages of healthcare.

A telehospitalist program can be an ideal solution for assisting with:

  • Surge capacity
  • Physician retention
  • Community physician relief
  • Rural hospital staffing
  • Unsuccessful hospitalist recruitment as an alternative to locums
  • Staffing advance practice providers.

In particular, many rural healthcare facilities have community primary care providers that see clinic patients and make rounds in the hospital. A telemedicine hospitalist program allows for community providers to focus on clinic patients, sleep through the night, and have weekends off-call. This setup prevents physician burnout and helps with recruitment efforts. We are able to integrate seamlessly with onsite clinicians to ensure a smooth transition of care for patients between the telemedicine provider and on-site provider.

To learn more about our telehealth services, no matter where your health care clinic might be located, contact Blue Sky Telehealth today.

Discover the Benefits of Our Telehospitalist Programs

Through the successful implementation of a telehospitalist program, hospitals see reduced transfers, better response times, and improved emergency department throughput. We collaborate with onsite physicians and nursing staff to ensure patients receive comprehensive care. By the use of collaboration and shared efforts, telehospitalists have access to the patient’s EMR to be able to review charts, see scans and labs, and diagnose patients on camera.

A telehospitalist program is a great alternative to using expensive staffing options, like traditional hospitalist locums. When using a locum tenens company, you have to worry about paying for travel costs, providing high hourly wages, and can encounter significant physician turnover. With a telemedicine hospitalist solution, you get fast response times and access to a provider 24/7, and all at a finance-friendly service cost.

Some of the most popular and important services provided by Blue Sky Telehealth include:

  • Cross coverage
  • Admissions
  • Rounding
  • Surge capacity assistance
  • Physician staffing
  • Advance practice provider staffing including PA’s and NP’s

With cutting-edge camera technology, we are able to:

  • Conduct assessments and testing
  • Meet with families
  • Put in orders for admissions and discharges
  • Give treatment recommendations

The Future of Hospital Care Uses Telehealth Support

Your hospital staff and patients alike deserve the best possible conditions and comfort. With our telehospitalist assistance, you can make that possible. Our board-certified hospital medicine physicians provide 24/7/365 consultation and supervision, as well as supplemental or flexible care coverage models to meet your inpatient needs and clinic demands.

We provide comprehensive remote care while working collaboratively with your clinical teams. Find out more by contacting us today.