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Infectious Disease Consultative Services

Infectious Disease Specialists Ready to Assist With Patient Care 24/7

Occurrences of infectious diseases are on the rise, but serious cases are still not common enough that all hospitals have dedicated infectious disease specialists on staff full-time to offer patients the care they need. By partnering with Blue Sky Telehealth, you can remain prepared to provide your patients with diagnosis and treatment consultations with highly experienced infectious disease physicians. We create customized telehealth services built to meet the unique needs of our partners. When you incorporate our services into your facility, our physicians become part of your healthcare team.

What an Infectious Disease Specialist Can Do For Your Patients

While many infectious diseases can be treated with antibiotics, several forms of drug-resistant organisms have been infecting patients in recent years. As specialists in infectious disease treatment, our physicians can assist with the diagnosis and assessment of a patient’s condition. Our knowledgeable team knows what symptoms to look for and what questions to ask in order to make a diagnosis and start planning an effective treatment strategy. If antibiotics are not proving effective, we can help your team come up with alternative treatments.

Treating infectious diseases often requires more than one visit to a medical facility. The physical strain and financial cost of traveling long distances to a hospital with infectious disease specialists can be difficult for patients. With Blue Sky, your patients will have a convenient resource for infectious disease treatment close to home.

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