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Dedicated Stroke Program Consulting

Nationwide Support for Building a Comprehensive Stroke Care Program

Every hospital needs a dedicated stroke program. Blue Sky Telehealth helps many medical facilities accomplish this through our Telestroke program, but for hospitals interested in creating their own in-house system, we also offer stroke program consulting.

In this program, our multidisciplinary support team will work with your key stakeholders to design a comprehensive stroke care program. We work with our partners through every stage of the process from preliminary planning to final launch, ensuring your program has everything required to meet national standards and provide patients with the best care possible.

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Keys to a Successful Stroke Program

There are several components your stroke program needs to offer optimal care:

  • Staff members that can quickly identify and diagnose stroke symptoms
  • Neurologists and cardiologists on call 24/7 to deliver immediate care
  • An experienced neurologist or stroke care specialist who oversees the program
  • CT or MRI equipment equipped to provide urgent scans within 30 minutes of a patient’s arrival
  • Plentiful stock of Anti-clot medication
  • Efficient record keeping system to analyze stroke statistics in your community

The requirements and goals for your stroke care program will vary depending on whether you want to be a Level I, II, or III stroke care center. Our experienced team can help you build the program you’ve envisioned.

Start discussing your goals for in-house stroke care today. Call Blue Sky Telehealth or contact us online!