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ET3 - EMS Telemedicine

Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3)

Now providing telehealth services to EMS agencies under the CMS ET3 program.

Tele EMS IconsUtilizing our extensive, industry-leading telemedicine platform, EMS crews can contact our on-call physician directly without the delays of a call center utilizing existing tablets or mobile devices.

Tested and proven for over a decade within our company, telehealth is a convenient, prompt and effective way to provide on-demand, critical care that consistently performs at the top of industry metrics.

Our Team

CarePoint Health, the parent company of Blue Sky Telehealth, is currently providing ET3 service. We have a specialized panel of board-certified Emergency Physicians including twelve EMS Medical Directors and board-certified EMS Physicians providing 24-hour coverage. We have already begun training and implementing telehealth with multiple agencies.

  • Response time under 3 minutes
  • Proven Telehealth platform
  • Cost effective implementation for EMS agencies
  • Established paramedic ET3 education program
  • Multiple EMS medical directors and board-certified EMS physicians
  • Physicians who are all Medicare-enrolled, qualified health care practitioners and are familiar with Denver Metro EMS protocols and practices

Our physicians’ extensive experience with EMS clinical practice will simplify on-scene processes to assist with patient consent, refusals of care, and treatment-on-site. In addition, we have a network of alternative transport destinations as well as dedicated primary care physicians and specialists available for rapid follow-up.

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Tele EMS FAQ's

Electronic Medical Records

CarePoint has a flexible, streamlined electronic platform that integrates into your existing medical record system, fulfilling CMS requirements of interoperability of patient data without disruption to our prehospital colleagues. The telemedicine encounter is documented by the physician on our software and then available for upload to your EHR so it is readily available for subsequent review.

Legal Concerns

CarePoint has legal team on staff with extensive experience to help navigate payer negotiations. Our legal team is also prepared for complex issues such as EMTALA obligations, fraud/abuse/Stark Law concerns regarding transport to alternative destinations, existing local/state law and regulatory concerns, relationships with non-participant partners and compliance to satisfy CMS monitoring requirements.


CarePoint is focused on quality and supports a safe, sustainable and effective implementation of a treat-at-home model of care.

What is the ET3 Program?

The CMS Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) program allows participating EMS suppliers and providers to receive payment from CMS for:

  1. Transport an individual to a hospital emergency department or other covered destination
  2. Transport to an alternative destination partner (primary care doctor’s office, urgent care clinic)
  3. Provide treatment in place with a qualified health care partner, either on the scene or connected using telehealth

Click here for more information about the ET3 program.

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