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Tele Neurocritical Care

Scope of Services

Blue Sky Telehealth has a team of highly qualified board certified/fellowship trained neurologists and neurointensivists that provide telehealth services across the country. Our team is available to provide consultative intensive care services to neuro critical care patients in the neuro critical care unit and in other units in the hospital as appropriate and as requested. Blue Sky Telehealth will serve as the consulting intensivist, collaborate with onsite medical staff, and will give recommendations so that the patient receives a coordinated plan of care throughout their stay in the neurocritical care unit. Our goal is to optimize resources for our partner hospitals while delivering the highest quality of care to patients in need of neurocritical care. We are not trying to replace bedside care for these patients, rather we want to provide another level of support to the bedside staff in order to consistently monitor the patients' needs and progress through the treatment plan.

Blue Sky Telehealth will coordinate care with the facility's Medicine Service, Hospitalist Service and other providers in accordance with the facility's Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.

Clinical Services Available

  • Complete consultative note and place in EMR
  • Coordinate care with attending/requesting physician
  • Write recommendations and/or orders
  • Communicate in a timely manner with patient's family
  • Respond in a timely manner to requests by staff concerning patient care issues.
  • Assess and determine patients’ readiness for transfer out of NCCU

Program Services Available:

  • Medical directorship
  • Participate in facility neuroscience and critical care committees
  • Implement clinical protocols as conditions present
  • Participate in quality initiatives
  • Neurocritical care education