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Telestroke Services

What Is Telestroke?

When a patient is experiencing a stroke, every second counts. Our Telestroke services allow our physicians to assess a patient and make an accurate and timely stroke diagnosis. With Blue Sky Telehealth, your facility has access to a skilled stroke care professional at the ready.

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Telestroke Data Points:

  • 30,000+ encounters annually and growing
  • Less than 1 minute average page to call back
  • 7 minute average page to physician being on camera ready to the patient
  • 14 minutes average page to tPA recommendation
  • 16% average tPA administration rate
  • 17.5 minutes, lowest median door-to-needle time
  • 0.34% iSCH rate for 2020 Denver facilities
  • Redundant staffing models
  • Vascular or neurocritical care fellowship-trained, board-certified neurologists

Blue Sky Telehealth Telestroke Programs Are Critical

Golden Hour - Treating a stroke in the first hour of the onset of symptoms significantly improves the patient’s chances of survival and making a full recovery. Our Telestroke program can help decrease the time it takes to treat stroke patients at your facility.

Decrease Transfers – Keep patients at your facility, enabling you to capture additional revenue while delivering improved clinical metrics.

Demonstrated Results – The Blue Sky Telehealth team is here to provide industry-leading customer service and accurate reporting so you can feel confident in your choice of Telestroke service providers.

Benefits of Telestroke Programs

Telestroke programs offer several benefits to patients, including:

  1. Faster access to specialized care: Telestroke programs allow patients in remote or underserved areas to receive quick access to stroke specialists who can diagnose and treat strokes. This can be especially important in rural areas where there may be a shortage of specialized healthcare providers.

  2. Improved outcomes: Telestroke programs can lead to better outcomes for stroke patients by providing timely and accurate assessments, leading to more appropriate treatment plans. Studies have shown that telestroke programs can lead to a higher rate of stroke patients receiving thrombolytic therapy, which can reduce the risk of long-term disability and improve outcomes.

  3. Cost-effective: Telestroke programs can be a cost-effective way to provide stroke care, as they can reduce the need for expensive transfers to larger hospitals and minimize the need for travel by patients and their families.

  4. Increased access to specialized resources: Telestroke programs can allow stroke specialists to consult with other specialists and access specialized resources that may not be available locally. This can lead to more comprehensive care for stroke patients and better outcomes.

Comprehensive Stroke Education for Your Team

In our mission to provide elevated stroke care in any way we can, we’ve developed a number of webinars to help educate your team on all aspects of stroke care from recognition and diagnosis to post-treatment care. Click here to see our upcoming webinars and request access to our extensive webinar library to share with your team.

Contact Blue Sky Telehealth today at (303) 900-4258 to create customized Telestroke services in your hospital to provide your patients with immediate stroke care.