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Customized Telemedicine Services for Medical Facilities Across the Nation

Blue Sky Telehealth is committed to making specialty healthcare services more accessible to patients nationwide. We partner with hospitals to create a customized telehealth system that integrates with the facility’s existing processes and technology. Through our service, medical facilities can contact highly experienced medical specialists 24/7 to assist with patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. This saves hospitals the cost of keeping a medical specialist on-call full time and ensures that a qualified medical professional will always be available to tend to a patient with special care needs.

We are currently partnered with over 200+ facilities across 28 states and have over 24,000 patient encounters annually. Average response time for calls is three minutes, and we use redundant staffing procedures to ensure a medical specialist will always be available to assist your patients. By working together, we can drastically improve patient outcomes and your community’s access to specialty medical services.


We're Part of Your Healthcare Team

We consider ourselves part of YOUR healthcare team. Our physicians do not take over your patients’ care but serve as a knowledgeable consultant for the attending physician. Through HD video conferencing, our team can speak with patients and assess their condition. Our services can also help your facility meet requirements for CMS and Joint Commission certifications.

Real Testimonials

  • “Dealing with Blue Sky has been a breath of fresh air!”

    Camie B

  • “Everyone was helpful, courteous and easy to work with from implementation planning to practice drills to follow up after go-live. ”

    B. Varela, RN -- St. Catherine Hospital

  • “When I see that a patient has been cared for in the middle of the night, I am so happy that I was allowed to sleep. ”

    Lynn B., MD-- Large Nationwide Health System

  • “They have proven to be extremely responsive, very collegial, possessing great clinical judgment and willingness to document directly into our EMR.”

    Mark Wightman, MD

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