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About Blue Sky Telehealth

Providing Telemedicine Services to Hospitals in Rural Communities

At Blue Sky Telehealth, we are committed to bringing healthcare into the future. Founded in 2006, Blue Sky Telehealth has been providing patients with specialized medical consultations over the internet for over 10 years. We use online programs and HD video imaging, along with other sophisticated technologies, to diagnose and treat our patients with telehealth, remotely. People in rural communities who once had to travel long distance for advanced medical care and now receive these services close-to-home.

In metropolitan areas, small communities, and rural areas, physician shortages pose significant challenges for hospitals whose patients require specialized care, such as with neurology or pediatric emergency medicine. Through Blue Sky Telehealth, your patients benefit from improved access to teams of highly qualified physicians available online 24/7 from our facilities.

Contact Blue Sky Telehealth today at (303) 900-4258 to learn more about our telehealth and Teleneurologyservices!

Our Doctors, Your Patients

Specialty physicians are in short supply for many communities. Our technology provides people all over with the access they need to specialized care in an efficient, cost-effective method. By working with us, hospitals without specialized medical facilities can receive immediate answers to their questions from experienced, board-certified physicians.

Blue Sky Telehealth Highlights:

  • We have been providing telehealth services since 2006
  • We currently provide services for over 200+ facilities
  • We have over 24,000 patient encounters annually
  • We have 3 minute average response times
  • We currently provide services in over 28 states

How Telehealth Works

The telehealth process is simple. Once you have partnered with us, our skilled team of telehealth professionals will be standing by to answer your questions and assist with diagnoses and treatment whenever you need us.

The process for how telemedicine consults work:

  • Call or page us to initiate a consultation - there is no appointment or scheduling needed
  • Our average response time to calls is under 3 minutes
  • After initial contact, a video consultation is established, if necessary
  • We discuss the patient's care in-depth with the attending physician or bedside care provider
  • Our physician can examine the patient with the assistance of the "robot" or camera
  • Upon connecting on camera, we can remotely speak with patients and perform an examination
  • We then access the facility's EMR to review any related imaging or tests
  • After performing an assessment, our physician can recommend the next course of action for diagnosis or treatment
  • We then document our findings directly in your facility's EMR

We do not compromise on patient care. Fast response times with outstanding customer service from a highly skilled medical professional are integral to every Blue Sky patient interaction. We can work with you to build a customized telehealth system that fits the unique needs of your facility.

If your hospital or specialized medical facility is interested in partnering with Blue Sky Telehealth for telemedicine services, give us a call today at (303) 900-4258.