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Pediatric Telehealth and Emergency Telemedicine

Helping Hospitals Remain Prepared for Pediatric Emergencies

Hospitals are under increased pressure when providing emergency care for pediatric patients. In addition to the usual stress that comes with the unique aspects of emergency pediatric care, your staff must now also bear the burden of addressing the concerns of nervous parents. Hospitals in rural and small-town areas feel this pressure particularly hard, as they are often the only local resource for medical care and rarely have the same funding or resources as a metropolitan medical center.

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Benefits of Pediatric Telehealth

Remaining prepared for every conceivable medical emergency is a difficult and costly challenge for hospitals. Most facilities focus on hiring staff experienced in treating the illnesses and injuries most common to their community. It can be difficult to justify hiring a specialist who provides less common treatments.

As a national service, Blue Sky Telehealth can afford to keep emergency pediatricians and other care specialists on-call 24/7. Our service offers a centralized resource for experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals who treat patients from all over the country. We can serve as the backup your facility needs when pediatric patients come in with severe issues that require advanced care.

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