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Remote EEG

Review & Analysis of EEG Testing

Many hospitals are equipped with EEGs, but few are staffed with a knowledgeable neurologist who can interpret the results and provide guidance for treatment. At Blue Sky Telehealth, we offer remote monitoring and analysis of EEG tests. We integrate with a hospital’s existing technology, meaning you can make maximized use of your EEG equipment without having to keep a neurologist on staff.

Contact us today to tell us about your hospital’s EEG needs. We build customized programs for our partners to work with their existing technology and processes.

For many hospitals in remote and rural areas, neurology is an important department, but one that rarely has enough patients to justify keeping a full-time neurologist on staff. We can make sure your hospital is prepared to provide EEG monitoring in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We Assist Your Hospital’s Physicians

When we partner with medical facilities, our team becomes part of their team. We do not take over a patient’s plan of care, rather, our physicians analyze results and share their findings with the attending physician. Our service serves as an extension of your own team’s patient care capabilities.

Benefits of integrating Blue Sky’s Remote EEG services:

  • Neurologists available 24/7
  • Remain prepared to interpret EEG results without the cost of keeping a full-time neurologist on staff
  • Our team is comprised of fellowship-trained epileptologists and neurointensivists who are highly experienced in analyzing EEG results.
  • We work with your facility’s existing EEG equipment
  • Your facility’s attending physicians remain in control of a patient’s plan of care
  • Instant communication with your staff and patients through telephone or HD video conferencing