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TeleEmergency Medicine augments care delivered by your local team

  • Provide relief to community provider call responsibilities
  • Bring a board-certified EM physician to your facility via telemedicine for complex consults
  • Assist with surges and capacity management

At Blue Sky Telehealth, we are committed to bringing healthcare into the future. We provide patients in rural communities with 24/7 access to specialized medical professionals that would otherwise be unattainable. We currently maintain services for over 200 facilities across 28 states and conduct over 24,000 patient telemedicine encounters annually.

Program Highlights:

  • Improve your facility admission capture rate and reduce transfers
  • Keep patients and their families in their community
  • Recruitment and retention assistance for rural physicians
  • Better emergency department throughput
  • Faster response times which reduce door to physician time metrics
  • Quicker dispositions

Staffing options vary by state. Please contact us today to hear about all the options available to you!

Tele-Emergency Medicine

Provide Better Emergency Medical Attention with Blue Sky Telehealth

Blue Sky Telehealth can help you with your emergency department challenges. We have a robust team of emergency medicine board certified physicians ready to assist when you and your patients need help the most!

Care models for Tele-ER:

  • Staff advanced practice providers.
  • Provide relief to community provider call responsibilities.
  • Bring a board-certified EM physician to your facility via telemedicine for complex consults.
  • Assist with surges and capacity management.

There are many applications for emergency telemedicine programs including community and rural hospitals, busy metropolitan facilities, and urgent cares across the country. We can staff advance practice providers covering your emergency department, provide relief to community area practitioners’ call responsibilities, assist with surges and capacity management to avoid going on divert, and offer an option for patients to see an emergency medicine physician without having to physically visit a hospital emergency department.

With the assistance of camera technology, we are able to:

  • Provide physician coverage for advanced practice providers.
  • Assess and treat complicated cases.
  • Facilitate transfer to a higher level of care, when needed.
  • Work with onsite clinicians and nursing staff.
  • Order testing and medications.
  • Talk to families regarding current patient care.

500,000 Patients Seen in 2017 Statistic 140 Board Certified Emergency Physicians Statistic 9 Minutes Average Door-to-Provider Time Statistic

We Know Every Second Counts for Emergency Care

From the time a patient enters one of our 39 emergency departments (ED), they are seen by a provider in less than 10 minutes on average. Perhaps more impressively, the first order of care is entered within 12 minutes of being greeted. Our providers understand the importance of timely care to diagnose, treat, and admit or discharge our patients in emergency and urgent care clinics. Thanks to our efforts and telehealth experience, the average length of stay is only 2-½ hours for tele-emergency medicine patients.

Program Highlights:

  • Reduce transfers.
  • Keep patients in their community.
  • Recruitment and retention assistance for rural physicians.
  • Better emergency department throughout.
  • Faster response times which reduce door to physician time metrics.
  • Quicker dispositions.

Real Tele-ER Experience Makes for Real Results

In addition to providing care urgently, we are dedicated to delivering only exceptional quality. Our physicians provide world-class telehealth care services, and we are all committed to continually improving our patient outcomes. Our team staffs Level 1 and Level 2 Trauma Centers and is known nationwide as a leader in both sepsis and stroke care.

We also staff the first stroke center in Colorado, which is also the busiest stroke center in the state. Our ED stroke system has provided a number of patients with TPA in under 9 minutes. More than 75% of all eligible patients receive TPA within 60 minutes of arrival in the Emergency Department, regardless of presentation or arrival mode.

Our sepsis metrics are equally impressive with sepsis shock mortality rate, which has dropped from 29% in Quarter 4 2016 to 20% in Quarter 1 2018. The mortality rate continues to decline quarter over quarter thanks to telemedicine advancements and better patient care. Furthermore, almost half of all sepsis patients receive an antibiotic within one hour of arriving in the ED.

Call Today for Set-Up Tele-Emergency Medicine Consultations & Support

At Blue Sky Telehealth, we are a service leader for healthcare clinics and hospital groups in both metropolitan cities and rural towns. With our focus on providing red-carpet treatment for our partners, several of our facilities have been ranked in the top 10% of the country, and more than 73% of patients sampled stated they received excellent provider communication while in the ED. This high percentage ranks us in the 75th percentile for the nation, a ranking guaranteed to be provided to every ED provider in an unbiased fashion. To go above-and-beyond expectations, our partnered providers can also complete our proprietary patient experience workshop, which includes working with actor-patients to ensure they excel at connecting with patients and their families.

Looking to partner with us as your emergency telehealth support? Contact us by calling (303) 900-4258 now.

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